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Unboxings, tests and reviews of music gear and music accessories. This library of reviews has increased over time and continues to increase. Please return to see the new reviews and unboxings as more are published. hopefully they will help you when making the right choices when buying guitar and guitar related gear. I started making these reviews because people asked me to do so in response to so many reviewers who just sit there talking about themselves and rather than actually reviewing the item and showing the product in detail and explaining the pros and cons of the items being reviewed.


If you have a musical instrument or music gear you want reviewing, please contact me with your details or the details of the item, but please be aware I will only give an honest review of the item.



Soundbrenner Core, watch for musicians

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Red5audio RVX6 USB microphone

Philips voice tracer DVT6110 digital recorder


Music stand

KraftGeek Bravo folding music stand

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Synth gear

Stylophone Gen X-1 (part 1)

Stylophone Gen X-1 (part 2)

Acrylic synth stand




Kalimba (lessons and reviews)


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Soundbrenner Core, watch for musicians


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Red5audio RVX6 USB microphone


This item can buy the RVX6 USB microphone from Red5audio



Philips voice tracer DVT6110, digital recorder


To find out more about the Philips voice tracer range



KraftGeek Bravo music stand


Online Store:

Amazon US:



Stylophone Gen X-1


Styophone Gen x-10 review, part 2


The Stylophone website:


eBay - Acrylic synth stand


You can buy the acrylic music stand off eBay;