GCH Guitar Academy, left handed guitar blues scales

Practice all the blues scale shapes


Left handed guitar lessons. These are short one minute videos of the A minor pentatonic blues scales being played on the guitar. Each of the blues scales is played slowly and then more quickly. By playing the YouTube short videos in a loop you can practice playing your guitar along with the blues scale to improve your playing. The last video brings all 5 of the positions of A blues scales together.


blues scale 1 - position 1, the 5th fret

blues scale 2 - position 2, the 3rd fret

blues scale 3 - position 3, the 8th fret

blues scale 4 - position 4, the 10th fret

blues scale 5 - position 5, the 12th fret


blues scale 6 - All the A minor pentatonic blues scales


Short videos (YouTube shorts)

blues scale 1, blues position or shape one


blues scale 2, blues position or shape two


blues scale 3, blues position or shape three


blues scale 4, blues position or shape four


blues scale 5, blues position or shape five


blues scale 6, practice all the blues scales