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GCH Guitar Academy guitar courses, with hundreds of free guitar tutorials. On this website you can learn how to play acoustic or electric guitar with FREE professional online guitar lessons.


free online fingerstyle guitar lessons, free online fingerpicking lessons


The original GCH Guitar Academy guitar course is an award winning, guitar course in PDF format. The guitar lessons are set out in weeks, months and years so you can learn to play guitar in the same way you would if you were having guitar lessons on a weekly basis.


Now we have a number of short video guitar courses on a number of subjects. Fingerstyle, blues scales and modal classical scales.


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Fingerstyle guitar course and backing tracks completely free.


free online fingerstyle guitar lessons, free online fingerpicking lessons


These guitar lessons are paid for by advertising and donations. Hopefully I will continue to find the finance to provide free guitar tuition well into the future. If you'd like to see new guitar lessons please support the website by sharing it with as many people as you can and subscribe to the YouTube channel GCH Guitar Academy



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Get started learning guitar, click on the 'Guitar Lessons' button
then click on the 'Right Handed' or 'Left Handed' button
depending on how you play the guitar. Here you will find individual guitar lessons or you can follow a complete guitar course.
The lessons are in eBook and/or the video format.


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