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Here I am building a page of guitar reviews, guitar accessory reviews and guitar related equipment unboxings and reviews. This library of reviews will increase over time as I hope to extend it. Please feel free to return and watch the videos as more are published and I hope they help you when making the right choices when buying guitar and guitar related gear. These reviews are in depth and concentrate on showing the products in detail so you have a get a good idea of what exacly you are buying. I started making these reviews because people asked me to do so in response to so many reviewers who just sit there talking about themselves and playing the guitar rather than actually reviewing the item and showing it in detail and explaining the pros and cons of the items being reviewed.

If you have a guitar or guitar gear you want reviewing, contact me with your details or the details of the item, but please be aware I will only give an honest review of the item.




Glarry GT501 acoustic guitar

the Midi Commander by Melo Audio

SG style Harley Benton guitar kit

Les Paul style Harley Benton guitar kit

The Blues Box guitar

Chinese wooden Les Paul pickguard, plate set


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Glarry GT501, acoustic guitar


Glarry music web site https://www.glarrymusic.com

The GT501 guitar go here


Midi commander, midi foot switch


visit the MeloAudio web site https://meloaudio.com/

Buy UK https://amzn.to/32xnNgi
Buy FR https://amzn.to/2YY1oXl


Harley Benton SG style guitar kit


for more information and to buy Harley Benton


Harley Benton Les Paul style guitar kit


for more information and to buy Harley Benton


You can play Box Blues Guitar, BBG


This item can be bought from many outlets, for the best deal search 'buy blues box guitar'


maple Les Paul maple pickguard set


This item can be bought from a number of supliers who operate from China through eBay. To buy this item search
'les paul maple scratch plate' on eBay.